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Hello friends , and a fond  welcome !

Here you will find 1:12 scale, handcrafted animals, figurines, and furniture and accessories for the distinguished collector. 

My animals are mostly sculpted from a blend of polymer clays; however, depending on the size and needs, I also use mixed medias, such as: epoxy, paper clay, etc.  They are all hand-painted and painstakingly furred with wool. This is a long process; proper application of fur requires patience and attention to detail. Most of the wool that I use comes from my small herd of sheep and is carefully hand-processed. 
The animals I create are especially life-like due to my own handmade glass eyes. 

There are two forms of my figurines: sculpted and porcelain. The adult  sculpted figurines are one of a kind and hand-sculpted from polymer clay over a wire armature.

My dolls are hand sculpted only from a polymer blend. They are baked many times over a low temperature and long period and according to manufacturer's directions, to ensure lasting durability.  Details for every doll are unique and carefully designed; the doll's eyes and features are meticulously painted, and a lens is created for the eye to give a life-like appearance.   When it comes to costuming, I use the highest quality materials to give the clothing an exquisite finish.The furniture and accessories are all handmade by me and when painted, are done by hand.

I specialize in modern figurines, although occasionally I will make a  period  doll upon request. 

It is very important to me to give careful attention to each of my creations to make each piece original and one of a kind. Your satisfaction is always my goal.

 Please consider staying around for awhile and sifting through my gallery. If you have any questions and/or comments, please feel welcome to contact me anytime. 

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