In 1985, I came to the US to pursue my career in ballet with The Miami Ballet Company. Although my passion was for art and ballet, my greatest desire of becoming a wife and mother became real when I met my husband, Mark. 
Since then I have given birth to seven children, during which time I had to set aside my art, though I continued painting.

In 2002, I started sculpting with wool. Two years later, I was introduced to polymer clay, which I quickly fell in love with. It wasn't until 2007 that my desire to work with porcelain became real. 
Today, I am working on a porcelain ball-jointed doll on a different scale, a process which you can learn more about here.

I also have a small family theatre which you can read more about here.
I spent four years creating animals with wool, but it wasn't until 2009 that I fully devoted myself to creating solely for the 1:12 miniature scale.
My creativity and inspiration comes from the love that I have for my family and from the beautiful farm that I am blessed to live on.

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My name is Patricia Cabrera and I am originally from Brasil. Since a young age, I have always had a great desire to work with different forms of art. Oil painting was the open door that led me to a world where I could explore all sorts of wonderful art mediums. During my elementary years, I had the opportunity to learn various crafts, including sewing and embroidering.